I will gladly fill out a review of the amazing job you guys did. We are still praising the amazing job you guys did to all of our American friends. I hope you are considering doing the same for Korea? If so, add us to your list, we are in.
Thanks again and let us know what future events we can use you at.

I just wanted to thank you personally for all the work and time you put into making our trip to Sochi so amazing! Everything went great! I can't wait to work with you again for our 2018 trip to South Korea!!


As I said George, I would recommend you guys in the future. We came a long way from me finding you on the internet and not even being sure you guys were legitimate! You can use me as a reference for people from the U.S. if you would like in the future. I can say I felt very safe while in Russia.
Good luck to you and your company.


Sorry I have not done it earlier, but the experience at the Olympics was terrific, in large part to the efforts of you and your organization. All pre-arranged transportation, lodging, meals, etc... were as I hoped and better than I expected. I don't know how I would have made the trip without your assistance and advice. If I need travel assistance in the future I will be sure to come to you. 
All the best with your future business and personal plans.


Hi George! By the way, despite all of my pre-trip anxiety, we had a pretty incredible time in Sochi. In the end, once we were comfortable with the layout and transportation, we wished we had had a couple of days on the tail end to explore more as a tourist. Couldn't have done it without you though. You were always very responsive and that was greatly appreciated in easing my travel stress. 
Thank you very much.