Past Events

Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Games

Pyeongchang 2018 accommodation by Isfield
During the Winter Games of Korea 2018, from February to March 2018, Isfield successfully assisted its 1.100 Guests that stayed in 775 bedrooms, in both hotels and furnished apartments. Isfield also hired 98 Drivers (many of those bilingual) and rented more than 117 transfers for its guests. Furthermore, during these games, Isfield also provided long term rentals for media personnel, and specifically 360 bedrooms for 450 persons.

Pyeongchang 2018 in numbers:

  • 1.550 guests
  • 1.135 bedrooms
  • 98 drivers
  • 117 transfers

Baku Azerbaijan 2017: “First Islamic Games” 

Baku 2017 accommodation by Isfield
Isfield for the first time offered a limited number of services during the Islamic Games of Baku, providing mostly accommodation and cars with drivers.
The project was successful and therefore Isfield is planning to continue with accommodation for  the 18th Asian Games taking place in Jakarta between August 18-September 2 2018.

Rio 2016: “Your home away from home” 
Rio Olympics 2016 accommodation by Isfield

Rio 2016 was another success story for Isfield. Having the experience and foreseeing the future challenges, Isfield settled in Rio a year and a half before games time, set up two main offices, a field operation team of 20 persons and managed to once again provide high quality services for its guests that felt just like home. In Rio, Isfield made arrangements for 1.300 guests, with services including 423 apartments (922 bedrooms) rental, 587 transfers, and 162 drivers.    

Rio de Janeiro 2016 in numbers:

  • 992 bedrooms
  • 1.300 guests 
  • 162 drivers 
  • 587 transfers

See what our services were at: 

Sochi 2014: “The comeback”
Sochi Olympics 2014 accommodation by Isfield

As the games came closer to Isfield’s home, Sochi was another success story. Proximity to the venue, as well as previous knowledge of what would be required by its guests, made a big comeback from Isfield. 

Sochi 2014 in numbers: 

  • 1100 bedrooms, 
  • 1900 guests 
  • 125 drivers 
  • 1200 transfers

2008-2012: Smaller scale events

Beijing 2008 Olympics: 
Ιsfield hospitality invested in Beijing starting in summer 2005, however the figures were not as expected.

Vancouver 2010 & London 2012 Olympics: 
As most of our guests are English speaking, we only offered hospitality services for F&F programs on a smaller scale during Vancouver 2010 and London 2012.

Torino 2006: “First winter games”

Torino Olympics 2006 accommodation by Isfield
Soon after Athens 2004, the winter games came in Turin 2006. Following the same professional approach and taking advantage of the past games experience Isfield easily managed to serve over 1700 guests offering again exceptional accommodation, transportation and event services.

Torino 2006 in numbers: 

  • 960 bedrooms 
  • 1700 guests 
  • 132 drivers, 
  • 1150 transfers  

Athens 2004: “Where it all started”.

Athens Olympics 2004 accommodation by Isfield
In 2004 at the birthplace of the Olympic Games, the idea of isfield was born. Responding to the increased need of accommodation during the games of Athens Isfield put together a team that managed to successfully deliver high quality services to more than 2.000 guests.

The services included:  
  • Accommodation in campings, apartments, houses and villas all over Athens, 
  • Transportation services by buses, cars and limousines, drivers, and 
  • A number of meeting receptions, welcome parties and celebrations
The team of Isfield in Athens consisted of 30 persons and managed successfully fulfil the requirements of its guests and built the foundations for some long-lasting relationships with multiple National Olympic Committees and Sports Teams.

Athens 2004 in numbers: 

  • 1200 bedrooms 
  • 2300 guests
  • 140 drivers 
  • 1700 transfers