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Interesting Facts for 2022 Games

Interesting Facts for 2022 Games

Beijing and Olympic games:

  • Beijing will be the first 1st city ever to host both Summer (2008) and Winter (2022) Olympic games.
  • Beijing is also the eleventh 11th city to host the Olympic games twice. 
  • Beijing will re-use four 4 indoor venues, used in previous games (2008)

Beijing and Sports:

  • Beijing will host 109 events, in seven 7 Olympic Winter sports
  • Beijing 2022 will be the most gender- balanced Olympic Winter Games, this was succeeded by adding seven new events. 

Beijing city:

  • Beijing is home to 7 Cultural World Heritage UNESCO sites
  • Beijing is one of the oldest capitals in the world, with a history of 3.000 years
  • Beijing residents have a long history with cycling and it is estimated that there are over 9.000.000 (nine million) bicycles in the city (that is also the inspiration of the relevant song)


Spectators visiting the Winter games will be able to use the brand new driverless high-speed railway, that will limit the trip between Beijing to Zhangjiakou to 47 minutes (as opposed to 3 to 4- hour drive).