2018 Pyeongchang

Did you know?

Did you know?

Did you know about the "The Dream Programme"?

Dream Program is an annual training camp hosted by Gangwon Province to nurture young winter sports talents in countries without a winter season or where winter sports are not widely practiced.


Twelfth annual Dream Programme underway in South Korea: More than 170 athletes, including 26 from seven National Paralympic Committees, are taking part in the initiative which aims to develop winter sports.


...On the 12th of January 2014 three boys Miguel Umali, Martin Mangongo and Brandon Sly from St Georges College accompanied by Mr S Nyamariwata left Zimbabwe for one of the most unique experiences of their lives to Gangwon Province in South Korea.  The trip was by invitation of the Korean Government who hosted the Dream Program 2014 in Alpensia Gangwon Province South Korea. Such meetings expose athletes from dry countries without winter sports (i.e. snow board, alpine skiing, bobsleigh and ice skating) to these unfamiliar disciplines...


The Appropriate Handshake

It is considered to be bad-mannered to give just one hand to shake hands and keep the other in your pocket or keep holding your suitcase. Please remember to offer both hands towards the person you greet and use both hands in case you need to give or take something to/from someone It will surely be appreciated.

Red Ink

Better avoid red ink for signatures and notes. Local tradition wants red ink to be used to write deads' names to keep away the evil spirits.

Elderly people

in South Korea enjoy a particularly high respect treatment. It is expected that you show the same kind of respect.


It is common use to take off the shoes before entering someone's house and sometimes the same applies for the hotel rooms. Korean life in house is "very close to the floor"... Tables for food are very low and you sit on the floor to eat and people sleep on the floor on very thin mattresses, so keep the floor clean is of outmost importance and a natural habit.